gifUnits Tab

Bring up the Preferences window by selecting menu item ‘Edit’->‘Preferences’.


Inch to Meter Ratio

It is best to leave this set to the SI Unit. The other ratios are:


Unit Radius Scale Factor

The internal model is always of a unit radius but all output dimensions are scaled by the Unit Radius Scale Factor. If you elect to construct a dome with a radius of 10 feet, set the Unit Radius Scale Factor to 10, and select ‘Feet’ as the working unit. Alternatively, if you elect to construct a dome with a radius of 12 meters, set the Unit Radius Scale Factor to 12 and select ‘Meters’ as the working unit. You may optionally convert the working unit to another type.

Some of the units on offer are rather exotic: Geodesica makes no assumptions about working in purely metric or imperial units. However, you will probably not wish to work in Megalithic Miles unless you are constructing a geodesic alien moon disguised with regolith for place in orbit around a far flung planet of special interest.


The working and converted units are printed in the Log when perfoming measurements. For example:

              UNIQUE EDGES
          Scale Factor = 10.0000000000
                 Units = Feet and Inches
        TsQEIcosahedron 5V, Class I, Method 1
          Primal Lattice
           Total edges = 750
           Unique Edges = 9
           Edge   Quantity     Length
            E1 =   [60]          1.9814743080 Feet or 23.7776916960 Inches.
            E2 =   [120]         2.2568578657 Feet or 27.0822943884 Inches.
            E3 =   [60]          2.3159759564 Feet or 27.7917114768 Inches.
            E4 =   [60]          2.3179025127 Feet or 27.8148301524 Inches.
            E5 =   [120]         2.4508578320 Feet or 29.4102939840 Inches.
            E6 =   [30]          2.4534642057 Feet or 29.4415704684 Inches.
            E7 =   [120]         2.4724290985 Feet or 29.6691491820 Inches.
            E8 =   [120]         2.5516701231 Feet or 30.6200414772 Inches.
            E9 =   [60]          2.6159809747 Feet or 31.3917716964 Inches.
            Total edges = 750