Geodesica-SFX is an OpenGL geodesic modeller that implements cross-target quad-edge lattices. The program can construct a variety of advanced spaceframes, such as the Eden Project Dome and the Union Tank Car Dome.

Geodesica-SFX comes in two builds: Geodesica-SFX-OpenGL which uses accelerated hardware rendering, and Geodesica-SFX-MesaGL which uses software rendering. If the OpenGL build does not run on your computer, try the MesaGL build instead. The page Legacy OpenGL Issues explains why there are two different builds.


This build uses accelerated hardware rendering (fast) but may not be compatible with the latest graphics cards.
Tested on Microsoft ® Windows XP and Microsoft ® Windows 7.
Md5 checksum:
15.5 MB (16,288,066 bytes)
Mon Aug 13 14:20 BST 2018
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This build uses software rendering (slow) but should run on most Microsoft ® Windows computers.
Tested on Microsoft ® Windows XP and Microsoft ® Windows 7.
Md5 checksum:
16.4 MB (17,238,338 bytes)
Mon Aug 13 09:40 BST 2018
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YouTube Channel

Here you can find demonstrations on how to use the program:



New documentation in progress; the following pages refer to the development version of Geodesica-SFX and may differ slightly from the release version.


   Spherical Geometry Primer

   Great Circle Systems

   Geodesic Subdivision

   Symmetria Mirabilis


   The following shows the main UI components; their use is discussed under ‘OPERATION’.


   Target Mechanism

   Isolate Mechanism





   Strut and Hub Intersections


Quad-Edge Data Structure


Development Status

In the works: Geodesica-SFX 1.0 with full Undo/Redo, native Save/Open wmof files, and high-precision streams.