Geodesica version: 0-9-6-0. The Cupola tool looks like this Tool and is located on the Modify Tab of the Toolbar. This tool creates a cupola or “roof lantern” around the clicked vertex. Click the Cupola button. The value field appears on the modify tab; enter the extrusion distance or height of the cupola. Geodesica prompts you to pick a primal vertex.


Modifier Keys

If the Control key is DOWN the envelope Normal at the cicked vertex is used as the extrusion vector for all vertices. If the Control key is UP, each vertex is extrued along its own envelope Normal. (Modifier Key beghaviour not implemented in 0-9-9-2).

If the Shift key is DOWN the operation is applied to all facets in the clicked manifold.


Above: without Control Key


Above: with Control Key

The original facets are ‘lifted’ out of the sphere, and the cupola volume is continuous with the sphere volume (ie, there are no ‘hidden’ facets lurking under the cupola).


Equatorial truncation of a 6V Icosahedron with cupola lantern windows created at the seed polyhedron vertices.

To control hubs around a Cupola please see the page Hub Context Menu