Isolate Strut


Creating Isolate Struts Sets

  1. Select a Primal, Dual or Spaceframe Isolate tab on the Toolbar.
  2. Set the Isolate Mode by clicking the Strut button.
  3. Click on a strut in the manifold. The Strut Dimension Options window appears:
  4. png

  5. Select an option for calculating the strut length and click “Okay”.
  6. Unique struts are printed in the Log along with their respective properties.
  7. The Isolate Strut pop-up menu activates with a list of isolate sets. When you select an item from the Isolate menu, only the selected set appears in the view with its respective labels, whilst other sets are hidden.


The following example uses Isolate Struts on a 6V Icosahedron, Class I, Method 1 breakdown, truncated at the equator. The log gives the required strut dimensions and the quantity in each set:

  Scale Factor = 10.000000000
         Units = Feet and Inches
TsQEIcosahedron 6V, Class I, Method 1
  Primal Lattice
   Total struts = 555
   Using Strut Length: original quad-edge.
   Unique Struts = 9
   Strut   Quantity     Length
    S1 =   [30]          1.625672289 Feet or 19.508067468 Inches.
    S2 =   [60]          1.819082546 Feet or 21.828990552 Inches.
    S3 =   [30]          1.873834006 Feet or 22.486008072 Inches.
    S4 =   [30]          1.904768612 Feet or 22.857223344 Inches.
    S5 =   [60]          1.980125742 Feet or 23.761508904 Inches.
    S6 =   [90]          2.028196959 Feet or 24.338363508 Inches.
    S7 =   [130]         2.059077349 Feet or 24.708928188 Inches.
    S8 =   [65]          2.153537301 Feet or 25.842447612 Inches.
    S9 =   [60]          2.166282144 Feet or 25.995385728 Inches.

    Total struts = 555

When a set is selected in the Isolate Struts popup, only that set is shown in the OpenGL view. Thus it is a trivial matter to determine the overall symmetry of the system and view set locations within the dome:

png png png png png png png png png png