OBJ Export

Choose menu 'File->Export OBJ'.

OBJ export dialog

NOTE: The smooth option is only available with Geodesica-SFX-0-9-9-6. When smooth is checked, facets are written with vertex normal data. Smooth shading uses vector interpolation to give an illusion of roundness; it does not modify the geometry of the object.

Advanced options Geodesica-SFX-0-9-9-6

OBJ export dialog

OBJ trimesh OBJ polyface

OBJ trimesh sample OBJ polyface sample

Why the two options when modern graphics cards require trimesh data? One user, who was making a presentation, disliked the triangle faces which were rendered in a CAD program as wireframe overlays. However, as far as contruction goes, there’s an advantage to using the trimesh option: all [Edge] type struts (apart from the triangle type), are constructed around the quad-edge ORG to DEST, which is guaranteed to be coincident with the strut’s center line. (Edge type struts have been especially built this way). This means when exporting trimesh faces, each strut-end has a central vertex marking the mid-line of the strut. This might be useful for further editing or additional construction/intersections with regard to the hubs (see below).

OBJ trimesh struts quad-edge center line

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