Spindle Strut Option

This option is for reducing crowding at the hub vertex or the hub intersection point, and is only available for Cylindrical and Polygonal profiles. The spindle length is the distance from the hub vertex (or hub intersection point, if intersections are ON), to the base of the cone that defines the spindle tip:

png png

Note: Tip Radius input field is not yet implemented and the value is always zero.

When measuring spindle struts, please use the option “Length of strut’s center line”. This calculates the distance from the ORG spindle tip to the DEST spindle tip.

IGES Export

IGES EXPORT CAVEAT. When using the Cylindrical profile, a Right Circular Conical Surface Entity is used for the spindle tip. The tip radius is set to one tenth of a millimeter. This is to avoid import errors that can occur when the tip radius is 0. Please use in conjunction with an appropriate hub intersection / hub ingress value, so that spindle tips do not overlap at the hub vertex.

IGES export examples imported into Open Cascade’s CAD Assistant.

1. Polygonal profile:


2. Cylindrical profile. Each conical tip is an individual BREP.