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This build uses accelerated hardware rendering (fast) but may not be compatible with the latest graphics cards.
Tested on Microsoft ® Windows XP and Microsoft ® Windows 7.
If using Windows 7 or later, please run the program in compatability mode for Windows XP.
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23 July 2013

Read me  Abridged source archive (without data folders).
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16 Sept 2011

Note: The full source code (with all data folders) is available via the Sourceforge server.

Fog Depth Cue Fix for Text Rendered on Far Side of Globe

Text on the far side of the globe should be dimmed as it is mixed with the fog colour. However some graphics card drivers fail to apply the fog depth cue to rendered text. If you encounter this problem when running Geodysseus, please download, then follow these instructions:

  1. Launch Geodyssues and wait for the globe to load.
  2. Select menu 'Edit->Preferences...'
  3. Select the 'OpenGL' tab of the 'Preferences' window.
  4. Set Multi-sampling to OFF, and the Bit Depth to 16.
  5. Click the 'Set' button and then 'Done' to close the Preferences window.
  6. Quit Geodysseus.
  7. Extract the archive '' into the Geodysseus root directory.
  8. Move the files 'opengl32.dll' and 'glu32.dll' so that they reside in same directory as 'Geodysseus-win32-Release.exe'
  9. Relaunch Geodyssues and wait for the globe to load.
  10. Plotted names for locations and airports should now be dimmed by the fog depth cue.

Do not turn on Multi-sampling or change then Bit Depth when running under MesaGL or the program will crash. If you want to go back to hardware rendering, simply quit the program and move the MesaGL libs out of the root directory. Hardware rendering will be restored when the program is relaunched. Tumbling the globe is slightly slower when running under MesaGL, as it uses software rendering.

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SHA1: 8EFBAFE4C9639EDE7A7334267A4EB78EA72D4587

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