117. Posteriority.

117. Posteriority.NOUN. posteriority; succession, sequence; following &c. 281.; subsequence, supervention; futurity &c. 121; successor; sequel &c. 65; remainder, reversion.

VERB. follow &c. 281 after, come after, go after; succeed, supervene; ensue, occur; step into the shoes of.

ADJ. subsequent, posterior, following, after, later, succeeding, postliminious, postnate; postdiluvial, postdiluvian; puisné; posthumous; future &c. 121; afterdinner, postprandial.

ADV. subsequently, after, afterwards, since, later; at a subsequent, at a later period, at a later date; next, in the sequel, close upon, thereafter, thereupon, upon which, eftsoons; from that time, from that moment; after a while, after a time; in process of time.

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