194. Expansion.

194. Expansion.NOUN. expansion; increase &c. 35 of size; enlargement, extension, augmentation; amplification, ampliation; aggrandizement, spread, increment, growth, development, pullulation, swell, dilation, rarefaction; turgescence, turgidness, turgidity; dispansion; obesity &c. (size) 192; hydrocephalus, hydrophthalmus [Med]; dropsy, tumefaction, intumescence, swelling, tumor, diastole, distension; puffing, puffiness; inflation; pandiculation.

dilatability, expansibility.

germination, growth, upgrowth; accretion &c. 35; budding, gemmation.

overgrowth, overdistension; hypertrophy, tympany.

bulb &c. (convexity) 250; plumper; superiority of size.

[expansion of the universe] big bang; Hubble constant.

VERB. become larger &c. (large &c. 192); expand, widen, enlarge, extend, grow, increase, incrassate, swell, gather; fill out; deploy, take open order, dilate, stretch, distend, spread; mantle, wax; grow up, spring up; bud, bourgeon [Fr.], shoot, sprout, germinate, put forth, vegetate, pullulate, open, burst forth; gain flesh, gather flesh; outgrow; spread like wildfire, overrun.

be larger than; surpass &c. (be superior) 33.

render larger &c. (large &c. 192); expand, spread, extend, aggrandize, distend, develop, amplify, spread out, widen, magnify, rarefy, inflate, puff, blow up, stuff, pad, cram; exaggerate; fatten.

ADJ. expanded &c. v.; larger &c. large &c. 192; swollen; expansive; wide open, wide spread; flabelliform; overgrown, exaggerated, bloated, fat, turgid, tumid, hypertrophied, dropsical; pot bellied, swag bellied; edematous, œdematous, obese, puffy, pursy, blowzy, bigswoln, distended; patulous; bulbous &c. (convex) 250; full blown, full grown, full formed; big &c. 192; abdominous, enchymatous, rhipidate; tumefacient, tumefying.

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