305. Ascent.

305. [Motion upwards.] Ascent.NOUN. ascent, ascension; rising &c. 309; acclivity, hill &c. 217; flight of steps, flight of stairs; ladder

rocket, lark; sky rocket, sky lark; Alpine Club.

VERB. ascend, rise, mount, arise, uprise; go up, get up, work one’s way up, start up; shoot up, go into orbit; float up; bubble up; aspire.

climb, clamber, ramp, scramble, escalade, surmount; shin, shinny, shinney; scale, scale the heights.

[cause to go up] raise, elevate &c. 307.

go aloft, fly aloft; tower, soar, take off; spring up, pop up, jump up, catapult upwards, explode upwards; hover, spire, plane, swim, float, surge; leap &c. 309.

ADJ. rising &c. v. scandent, buoyant; supernatant, superfluitant; excelsior.

ADV. uphill.

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