327. Tenacity.

327. Tenacity.NOUN. {ant. 328} tenacity, toughness, strength; (cohesion) 46; grip, grasp, stickiness, (cohesion) 46; sequacity; stubbornness &c. (obstinacy) 606; glue, cement, glutinousness, sequaciousness, viscidity, (semiliquidity) 352.

leather; white leather, whitleather; gristle, cartilage.

unbreakability, tensile strength.

VERB. be tenacious &c. adj.; resist fracture.

grip, grasp, stick (cohesion) 46.

ADJ. tenacious, tough, strong, resisting, sequacious, stringy, gristly cartilaginous, leathery, coriaceous, tough as whit-leather; stubborn &c. (obstinate) 606.

unbreakable, indivisible; atomic.

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