338. Air.

338. Air.NOUN. air &c. (gas) 334; common air, atmospheric air; atmosphere; aerosphere.

open air; sky, welkin; blue sky; cloud &c. 353.

weather, climate, rise and fall of the barometer, isobar.

[Science of air] Aerology, Aerometry, Aeroscopy, Aeroscopy, Aerography; Meteorology, Climatology; pneumatics; eudioscope, baroscope, aeroscope, eudiometer, barometer, aerometer; aneroid, baroscope; weather gauge, weather glass, weather cock.

exposure to the air, exposure to the weather; ventilation; aerostation, aeronautics, aeronaut.

VERB. air, ventilate, fan &c. (wind) 349.

ADJ. containing air, flatulent, effervescent; windy &c. 349.

atmospheric, airy; aerial, aeriform; meteorological; weatherwise.

ADV. in the open air, à la belle étoile [Fr.], al fresco {beware: the English meaning is “in the open air”, but the Italian meaning is “in the chill”, “in the cool”, or even “in prison” }; sub jove dio [Lat.].

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