370. Husbandry.

370. [The economy or management of animals.] Husbandry.NOUN. husbandry, taming &c. v.; circuration, zoohygiantics; domestication, domesticity; manège [Fr.] {enclosed area in which horses are trained}, veterinary art; farriery; breeding, pisciculture.

menagerie, vivarium, zoological garden; bear pit; aviary, apiary, alveary, beehive; hive; aquarium, fishery; duck pond, fish pond.

[Destruction of animals] phthisozoics &c. (killing) 361.; euthanasia, sacrifice, humane destruction.

neatherd, cowherd, shepherd; grazier, drover, cowkeeper; trainer, breeder; apiarian, apiarist; bull whacker [U.S.], cowboy, cow puncher [U.S.], farrier; horse leech, horse doctor; vaquero, veterinarian, vet, veterinary surgeon.

cage &c. (prison) 752; hencoop, bird cage, cauf; range, sheepfold, &c. (enclosure) 232.

VERB. tame, domesticate, acclimatize, breed, tend, break in, train; cage, bridle, &c. (restrain) 751.

ADJ. pastoral, bucolic; tame, domestic.

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