388a. Insulation. Fire extinction.

388a. Insulation. Fire extinction. {ant. of 388} – insulation, incombustible material, noncombustible material; fire retardant, flame retardant; fire wall, fire door.

incombustibility, incombustibleness &c. adj.

extincteur [Fr.]; fire annihilator; amianth, amianthus; earth-flax, mountain-flax; asbestos; fireman, fire fighter, fire eater, fire department, fire brigade, engine company; pumper, fire truck, hook and ladder, aerial ladder, bucket; fire hose, fire hydrant.

[forest fires] backfire, firebreak, trench; aerial water bombardment.

wet blanket; fire extinguisher, soda and acid extinguisher, dry chemical extinguisher, CO2 extinguisher, carbon tetrachloride, foam; sprinklers, automatic sprinkler system; fire bucket, sand bucket.

[warning of fire] fire alarm, evacuation alarm,

[laws to prevent fire] fire code, fire regulations, fire; fire inspector; code violation, citation.

VERB. go out, die out, burn out; fizzle.

extinguish; damp, slack, quench, smother; put out, stamp out; douse, snuff, snuff out, blow out.

fireproof, flameproof.

ADJ. incombustible; nonflammable, uninflammable, unflammable; fireproof.

PHR. Fight fire with fire

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