460. Neglect.

460. Neglect.NOUN. neglect; carelessness &c. adj.; trifling &c. v.; negligence; omission, oversight, laches [Law], default; supineness &c. (inactivity) 683; inattention &c. 458; nonchalance &c. (insensibility) 823; imprudence, recklessness &c. 863; slovenliness &c. (disorder) 59, (dirt) 653; improvidence &c. 674; noncompletion &c. 730; inexactness &c. (error) 495.

paralipsis, paralepsis, paraleipsis [in rhetoric].

trifler, waiter on Providence; Micawber.

VERB. be negligent &c. adj.; take no care of &c. (take care of &c. 459); neglect; let slip, let go; lay aside, set aside, cast aside, put aside; keep out of sight, put out of sight; lose sight of.

overlook, disregard; pass over, pas by; let pass; blink; wink at, connive at; gloss over; take no note of, take no thought of, take no account of, take no notice of; pay no regard to; laisser aller, laissez aller [Fr.].

scamp; trifle, fribble; do by halves; cut; slight &c. (despise) 930; play with, trifle with; slur, skim, skim the surface; effleurer [Fr.]; take a cursory view of &c. 457.

slur over, skip over, jump over, slip over; pretermit, miss, skip, jump, omit, give the go-by to, push aside, pigeonhole, shelve, sink; table [parliamentary]; ignore, shut one’s eyes to, refuse to hear, turn a deaf ear to; leave out of one’s calculation; not attend to &c. 457, not mind; not trouble oneself about, not trouble one’s head about, not trouble oneself with; forget &c. 506; be caught napping &c. (not expect) 508; leave a loose thread; let the grass grow under one’s feet.

render neglectful &c. adj.; put off one’s guard, throw off one’s guard; distract, divert.

ADJ. neglecting &c. v.; unmindful, negligent, neglectful; heedless, careless, thoughtless; perfunctory, remiss; feebleness &c. 575.

inconsiderate; uncircumspect, incircumspect; off one’s guard; unwary, unwatchful, unguarded; offhand.

supine &c. (inactive) 683; inattentive &c. 458; insouciant &c. (indifferent) 823; imprudent, reckless &c. 863; slovenly &c. (disorderly) 59, (dirty) 653; inexact &c. (erroneous) 495; improvident &c. 674.

neglected &c. v.; unheeded, uncared-for, unperceived, unseen, unobserved, unnoticed, unnoted, unmarked, unattended to, unthought of, unregarded, unremarked, unmissed; shunted, shelved.

unexamined, unstudied, unsearched, unscanned, unweighed, unsifted, unexplored.

abandoned; buried in a napkin, hid under a bushel.

ADV. negligently &c. adj.; hand over head, anyhow; in an unguarded moment &c. (unexpectedly) 508; per incuriam [Lat.].

INT. never mind, no matter, let it pass.

PHR. Out of sight, out of mind.

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