462. Answer.

462. Answer.NOUN. answer, response, reply, replication, riposte, rejoinder, surrejoinder, rebutter, surrebutter, retort, repartee; rescript, rescription; antiphon, antiphony; acknowledgment; password; echo; counter statement.

discovery &c. 480a; solution &c. (explanation) 522; rationale &c. (cause) 153; clue &c. (indication) 550.

Œdipus; oracle &c. 513; return &c. (record) 551.

VERB. answer, respond, reply, rebut, retort, rejoin; give for answer, return for answer; acknowledge, echo.

explain &c. (interpret) 522; solve &c. (unriddle) 522; discover &c. 480a; fathom, hunt out &c. (inquire) 461; satisfy, set at rest, determine.

ADJ. answering &c. v.; responsive, respondent; conclusive.

ADV. because &c. (cause) 153; on the scent, on the right scent.

INT. Eureka!

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