533. Secret.

533. Secret.NOUN. secret; dead secret, profound secret; arcanum, mystery; latency &c 526; Asian mystery; sealed book, secrets of the prison house; le desous des cartes [Fr.].

enigma, riddle, puzzle, nut to crack, conundrum, charade, rebus, logogriph; monogram, anagram; Sphinx; crux criticorum [Lat.].

maze, labyrinth, Hyrcynian wood; intricacy, meander.

problem &c (question) 461; paradox &c (difficulty) 704; unintelligibility &c. 519; terra incognita &c. (ignorance) 491.

ADJ. secret &c. (concealed) 528; involved &c, 248; labyrinthine, labyrinthian, mazy.

confidential; top secret.

PHR. Puridad de dos, puridad de Dios; puridad de tres, de todos es. [Sp.] {Proverb“A secret known to two persons is God’s own secret; but a secret between three is all men’s property.” }.

Secret de deux, secret de Dieu; secret de trois, secret de tous. [Fr.] {Proverb“The secret of two is God’s secret, the secret of three is everybody’s secret.” }.

Quid minuat curas, quid te tibi reddat amicum, / Quid pure tranquillet, honos, an dulce lucellum, / An secretum iter et fallentis semita vitæ? [Lat.] {Horace—Epistolæ. Bk. I. v. 16. (Ascertain) the secret which will lessen your cares, and put you on good terms with yourself. What is it that shall give you real peace of mind? Fame, or pleasant gains? Or is it to be found in a retired career, and in the path of an unnoticed life?” }.

Se a ciascuno l’interno affanno / Si leggesse in fronte scritto, / Quanti mai che invidia fanno / Ci farebbero pietà! [It.] {Metastasio“If the secret troubles of every one were written on his forehead for all to read, how many who now excite envy, would excite our pity!” }.

Secret et hardi. [Fr.] {Motto of Lord Dynevor“Secret and bold.” }.

Taciturn vivit sub pectore vulnus. [Lat.] {Virgil—Æneid. IV. 67. “The secret wound rankles still in her heart.” }.

Toute revelation d’un secret est la faute de celui qui l’a confié. [Fr.] {La Bruyère“The disclosure of a secret is the fault of him who first confided it.” }.

Tuta scelera esse possunt, secura non possunt. [Lat.] {Seneca—Epistolæ. 97. “ Secret, crimes may be, but silenced, they cannot be.” (Conscience will ever be uttering its accusing voice). }.

“The secret of life is in art.” {Oscar Fingall O’Flahertie Wilde—Lecture on the English Renaissance.}.

“Secrets travel fast in Paris.” {Napoleon I}.

Absentem qui rodit amicum; / Qui non defendit, alio culpante; solutos / Qui captat risus hominum, famamque dicacis; / Fingere qui non visa potest; commissa tacere / Qui nequit; hic niger est; hunc tu, Romane, caveto. [Lat.] {Horace—Satiræ. Bk. I. iv. 81. “He who backbites an absent friend, who does not defend him when others find fault; who loves to raise men’s laughter, and to get the name of a witty fellow; who can pretend what he never saw; who cannot keep secrets entrusted to him; this man is a dangerous individual. Beware of him, Roman.” }.

Amour, toux, et fumée, en secret ne font demeurée. [Fr.] {Proverb“Love, a cough, and smoke will not remain secret.” }.

Amour, toux, fumée, et argent, ne se peuvent cacher longuement. [Fr.] {Proverb“Love, a cough, smoke, and money, cannot long be hid.” }.

Il n’est secret que de rien dire. [Fr.] {Proverb“The only way to keep a secret is to say nothing.” }.

Rien ne pèse tant qu’un secret. [Fr.] {Proverb“Nothing is so burdensome as a secret.” }.

A chi dici il tuo secreto, doni la tua libertà. [It.] {Proverb“To whom you tell your secret you surrender your freedom.” }.

Di’ all’amico il tuo segreto, e ti terrà il piè sul collo. [It.] {Proverb“Tell your secret to your friend and he will set his foot on your neck.” }.

A la muger y á la picaza, lo que dirias en la plaza. [Sp.] {Proverb“To a woman and a magpie tell your secrets in the marketplace.” }.

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