557. Sculpture.

557. Sculpture.NOUN. sculpture, insculpture; carving &c. v.; statuary.

high relief, low relief, bas relief [Fr.]; relief; relieve; bassorilievo, altorilievo, mezzorilievo; intaglio, anaglyph; medal, medallion; cameo.

marble, bronze, terra cotta[Sp.], papier-mâché; ceramic ware, pottery, porcelain, china, earthenware; cloisonne, enamel, faience, Laocoon, satsuma.

statue.&c. (image) 554; cast &c (copy) 21; glyptotheca.

VERB. sculpture, carve, cut, chisel, model, mold; cast.

ADJ. sculptured &c, v. in relief, anaglyptic, ceroplastic, ceramic; parian; marble &c. n.; xanthian.

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