678. Disuse.

678. Disuse.NOUN. forbearance, abstinence; disuse; relinquishment &c. 782; desuetude &c. (want of habit) 614; disusage.

VERB. not use; do without, dispense with, let alone, not touch, forbear, abstain, spare, waive, neglect; keep back, reserve.

lay up, lay by, lay on the shelf, keep on the shelf, lay up in ordinary; lay up in a napkin; shelve; set aside, put aside, lay aside; disuse, leave off, have done with; supersede; discard &c. (eject) 297; dismiss, give warning.

throw aside &c. (relinquish) 782; make away with &c. (destroy) 162; cast overboard, heave overboard, throw overboard; cast to the dogs, cast to the winds; dismantle &c. (render useless) 645.

lie unemployed, remain unemployed &c. Adj.

ADJ. not used &c. v.; unemployed, unapplied, undisposed of, unspent, unexercised, untouched, untrodden, unessayed, ungathered, unculled; uncalled for, not required.

disused &c. v.; done with.

PHR. Multa renascentur quæ jam cecidere, cadentque / Quæ nunc sunt in honore vocabula, si volet usus, / Quem penes arbitrium est, et jus, et norma loquendi. [Lat.] {Horace—De Arte Poetica. 70. “Many words, which are now in disuse, will revive, and those which are now in vogue will fall into disuse, if custom so wills, in whose power are the decision and the law and the rules of speech.” }.

Ex desuetudine amittuntur privilegia. [Lat.] {Maxim of Law“Rights are lost by disuse.” }.

“And must I wholly banish hence / These red and golden juices, / And pay my vows to Abstinence, / That pallidest of Muses?” {Sir William Watson—To a fair Maiden who bade me shun Wine.}.

Tantum se fortunæ permittunt, etiam et naturam dediscant. [Lat.] {Quintus Curtius“They give themselves up so much to the pursuit of fortune, that they even discard nature.” }.

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