694. Director.

694. Director.NOUN. director, manager, governor, rector, comptroller.

superintendent, supervisor, intendant; overseer, overlooker; supercargo, husband, inspector, visitor, ranger, surveyor, ædile; moderator, monitor, taskmaster; master &c. 745; leader, ringleader, demagogue, corypheus, conductor, fugleman, precentor, bellwether, agitator; caporal, choregus, collector, file leader, flugelman, linkboy.

guiding star &c. (guidance) 693; adviser &c. 695; guide &c. (information) 527; pilot; helmsman; steersman, steermate; wire-puller.

driver, whip, Jehu, charioteer; coachman, carman, cabman; postilion, vetturino, muleteer, arriero, teamster; whipper in.

head, head man, head center, boss; principal, president, speaker; chair, chairman, chairwoman, chairperson; captain &c. (master) 745; superior; mayor &c. (civil authority) 745; vice president, prime minister, premier, vizier, grand vizier, eparchos, eparch.

officer, functionary, minister, official, red-tapist, bureaucrat; man in office, Jack in office; office bearer; person in authority &c. 745.

statesman, strategist, legislator, lawgiver, politician, statist, statemonger; Minos, Draco; arbiter &c. (judge) 967; boss [U.S.], political dictator.

board &c. (council) 696.

secretary, secretary of state; Reis Effendi; vicar &c. (deputy) 759; steward, factor; agent &c. 758; bailiff, middleman; foreman, clerk of works; landreeve; factotum, major-domo, seneschal, housekeeper, shepherd, croupier; proctor, procurator.

ADV. ex officio.

PHR. “The quacks of government (who sate / At th’unregarded helm of State).” {Samuel Butler—Hudibras. Pt. 3. Canto. 1.}.

“What pilot so expert but needs must wreck, / Imbarked with such a steers-mate at the helm?” {John Milton—Samson Agonistes. L. 1044.}.

“The vessel that will not obey her helm will have to obey the rocks.” {Proverb(Cornish). }.

“Arise, Soul, and gird thee up anew, / Though the black camel Death kneel at thy gate; / No beggar thou that thou for alms shouldst sue: / Be the proud captain still of thine own fate.” {James Benjamin Kenyon}.

“It matters not how strait the gate, / How charged with punishments the scroll, / I am the master of my fate: / I am the captain of my soul.” {Henley—Echoes. IV.}.

Novarum cupidus. [Lat.] {A demagogue, agitator.}.

Artes populares. [Lat.] {Tricks of a demagogue.}.

Luther was an ideal demagogue to head a semi-religious, semi-social revolt. He had a keen appreciation of the tendencies of the age, and of the thoughts that were coursing through men’s minds, and he had sufficient powers of organisation to know how to direct the different forces at work into the same channel. Though fundamentally the issue raised by him was a religious one, yet it is remarkable what a small part religion played in deciding the result of the struggle.

{MacCaffrey, Rev. James—History of the Catholic Church from the Renaissance to the French Revolution. Vol. 1. Preface.}.

Unpleasant and even dangerous as collisions may sometimes be between the constituted authorities of the citizens of our country in relation to the lines which separate their respective jurisdictions, the results can be of no vital injury to our institutions if that ardent patriotism, that devoted attachment to liberty, that spirit of moderation and forbearance for which our countrymen were once distinguished, continue to be cherished. If this continues to be the ruling passion of our souls, the weaker feeling of the mistaken enthusiast will be corrected, the Utopian dreams of the scheming politician dissipated, and the complicated intrigues of the demagogue rendered harmless. The spirit of liberty is the sovereign balm for every injury which our institutions may receive. On the contrary, no care that can be used in the construction of our Government, no division of powers, no distribution of checks in its several departments, will prove effectual to keep us a free people if this spirit is suffered to decay; and decay it will without constant nurture.

{William Henry Harrison—Inaugural Address. March 4, 1841.}.

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