70. Discontinuity.

70. [Interrupted sequence.] Discontinuity.NOUN. discontinuity; disjunction &c. 44; anacoluthon; interruption, break, fracture, flaw, fault, crack, cut; gap &c. (interval) 198; solution of continuity, cæsura; broken thread; parenthesis, episode, rhapsody, patchwork; intermission; alternation &c. (periodicity) 138; dropping fire.

VERB. be discontinuous &c. adj.; alternate, intermit, sputter, stop and start, hesitate.

discontinue, pause, interrupt; intervene; break, break in upon, break off; interpose &c. 228; break the thread, snap the thread; disconnect &c. (disjoin) 44; dissever.

ADJ. discontinuous, unsuccessive, broken, interrupted, décousu [Fr.]; disconnected, unconnected; discrete, disjunctive; fitful &c. (irregular) 139; spasmodic, desultory; intermitting, occasional &c. v., intermittent; alternate; recurrent &c. (periodic) 138.

ADV. at intervals; by snatches, by jerks, by skips, by catches, by fits and starts; skippingly, per saltum [Lat.]; longo intervallo [It.].

PHR. “What though my winged hours of bliss have been / Like angel visits, few and far between.” {Campbell—Pleasures of Hope. Pt. II. L. 375.}.

“Sleep, riches, and health, to be truly enjoyed, must be interrupted.” {Richter—Flour, Fruit and Thorn Pieces. Ch. VII.}.

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