728. Arena.

728. Arena.NOUN. arena, field, platform; scene of action, theater; walk, course; hustings; stare, boards &c. (playhouse) 599; amphitheater; Coliseum, Colosseum; Flavian amphitheater, hippodrome, circus, race course, track, stadium, corso [Sp.], turf, cockpit, bear garden, playground, playing fields, gymnasium, gymnasion [Grk.], palæstra, plaistra [Grk.] ring, lists; tiltyard, tilting ground; Campus Martius, Champ de Mars , campus [U.S.]; aerodrome, airport, air base, flying field.

theater of war, seat of war; battle-field, battle-ground; field of battle, field of slaughter; Aceldama, camp; the enemy’s camp; trusting place &c. (place of meeting) 74.

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