776. Loss.

776. Loss.NOUN. loss; deperdition, perdition; forfeiture, lapse.

privation, bereavement; deprivation &c. (dispossession) 789; riddance; damage, squandering, waste.

VERB. lose; incur a loss, experience a loss, meet with a loss; miss; mislay, let slip, allow to slip through the fingers; be without &c. (exempt) 777a; forfeit.

get rid of &c. 782; waste &c. 638.

be lost; lapse.

ADJ. losing &c. v.; not having &c. 777a.

shorn of, deprived of; denuded, bereaved, bereft, minus, cut off; dispossessed &c. 789; rid of, quit of; out of pocket.

lost &c. v.; long lost; irretrievable &c. (hopeless) 859; off one’s hands.

INT. farewell to! adieu to! good ridance!

Measure thy life by loss instead of gain;
Not by the wine drunk, but by the wine poured forth;
For love’s strength standeth in love’s sacrifice;
And whoso suffers most hath most to give.

{Harriet Eleanor King—The Disciples. (1878). }.

Damnum absque injuria. [Lat.] {Term of Law“Loss without injury (injustice) }.

Leonina societas. [Lat.] {Digesta—Libri Pandectarum. 17. 2. 29. § 2. “A lion’s partnership.” (Where one party gets all the profit, and the other all the loss. Heads I win, tails you lose). }.

Majore tumultu / Planguntur nummi quam funera, nemo dolorem / Fingit in hoc casu...... / Ploratur lacrimis amissa pecunia veris. [Lat.] {Juvenal—Satiræ. XIII. 130. “Money’s bewailed with much more harrowing pains / Than a man’s death: for that none sorrow feigns. / The loss of cash is mourned with genuine tears.” (Translated by W. M. Francis Henry King). See full context below. }.

Si nullum in terris tam detestabile factum
ostendis, taceo, nec pugnis caedere pectus
te ueto nec plana faciem contundere palma,
quandoquidemaccepto claudenda est ianua damno,
et maiore domus gemitu, majore tumultu
planguntur nummi quam funera; nemo dolorem
fingit in hoc casu, uestem diducere summam
contentus, uexare oculos umore coacto:
ploratur lacrimis amissa pecunia veris.

If you can point to no crime so detestable throughout the world, I have no more to say. I do not forbid that you should thump your breast with clenched fist nor beat your brow with open palm. Of course we must shut up the house when loss has been sustained, and money lost is sorrowed for with more domestic wailing and more ado than loss by death. For under this calamity none counterfeit distress: no one contents himself with slitting his tunic’s edge and squeezing a forced drop out of his eye. The loss of money is bewailed with genuine tears.

{Juvenal—Satiræ. XIII. 130. (Translated by Alexander Leeper). }.

Μὴ κακὰ κερδαίνειν κακὰ κέρδεα ἶσ’ ἄτῃσιν. [Grk.] {Hesiod—Opera et Dies. 352. “Do not make evil gains: they are equal to losses.” }.

Poco dâno espanta, y mucho amansa. [Sp.] {Proverb“A slight loss alarms, a heavy loss quiets.” }.

“What loss feels he that wots not what he loses?” {Broome, Rev. William—The Merry Beggars. Act I. Sc. 2.}.

“I laugh not at another’s loss; / I grudge not at another’s pain.” {Edward Dyer—My mind to me a Kingdom is.}.

A little season of love and laughter,
Of light and life, and pleasure and pain,
And a horror of outer darkness after,
And the dust returneth to dust again.
Then the lesser life shall be as the greater,
And the lover of life shall join the hater.
And the one thing cometh, sooner or later,
And no one knoweth the loss or gain.

{Adam Lindsay Gordon—The Swimmer. St. 10.}.

Men may recover loss of good,
But so wise man yet never stood
Which may recover time y-lore [lost].

{Jown Gower—Confesslo Amantis. Bk. IV. 1382.}.

“The loss of wealth is loss of dirt, / As sages in all times assert.” {John Heywood—Be Merry Friends.}.

I have lost, you have won this hazard: yet perchance
My loss may shine yet goodlier than your gain,
When time and God give judgment.

{Algernon Charles Swinburne—Marino Faliero. (1885). }.

“I fear to love thee, Sweet, because / Love’s the ambassador of loss.” {Francis Thompson—To Olivia.}.

“The loss of heaven’s the greatest pain in hell.” {Samuel Tuke—Adventures of Five Hours. Act V.}.

“What greater crime / Than loss of time?” {Thomas Tusser—January’s Abstract.}.

Amissum quod nescitur non amittitur. [Lat.] {Syrus“A loss which is not known is not lost.” }.

Culpa sua damnum sentiens, non intelligitur damnum pati. [Lat.] {Maxim of Law“He who sustains a loss by his own fault is not considered to have suffered any damage.” }.

Damnum appellandum est cum mala fama lucrum. [Lat.] {Syrus“Gain accompanied by ill report may be called loss.” }.

Divitiarum acquisitio magni laboris, possessio magni timoris, amissio magni doloris. [Lat.] {Proverb“The acquisition of wealth is a great toil, its possession a great terror, its loss a great tribulation.” }.

Dotatæ mactant malo et damno viros. [Lat.] {Plautus—Aulularia. Sc. 17. “Well-dowered wives bring evil and loss to their husbands.” }.

KING RICHARD. Mine ear is open and my heart prepar’d.
The worst is worldly loss thou canst unfold.
Say, is my kingdom lost? Why, ’twas my care,
And what loss is it to be rid of care?
Strives Bolingbroke to be as great as we?
Greater he shall not be; if he serve God,
We’ll serve him too, and be his fellow so.
Revolt our subjects? That we cannot mend;
They break their faith to God as well as us.
Cry woe, destruction, ruin, and decay—
The worst is death, and death will have his day.

{Shakespeare—King Richard II. Act III. Sc. 2.}.

Sonnet XII

When I do count the clock that tells the time,
And see the brave day sunk in hideous night,
When I behold the violet past prime,
And sable curls all silvered o’er with white:
When lofty trees I see barren of leaves,
Which erst from heat did canopy the herd
And summer’s green all girded up in sheaves
Borne on the bier with white and bristly beard:
Then of thy beauty do I question make
That thou among the wastes of time must go,
Since sweets and beauties do themselves forsake,
And die as fast as they see others grow,
      And nothing ’gainst Time’s scythe can make defence
      Save breed to brave him, when he takes thee hence.

{Shakespeare—Sonnet XII. }.

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