799a. Stock Market

799a. Stock Market [specialized markets for financial instruments.] – NOUN. stock market, stock exchange, securities exchange; bourse, board; the big board, the New York Stock Exchange; the market, the open market; over-the-counter market; privately traded issues.

commodities exchange, futures exchange, futures market.

the pit, the floor.

ticker, stock ticker, quotation; stock index, market index, the Dow Jones Index, the Dow Industrials, the transportation index, utilities, the utilities index; the New York Stock Exchange index, the Nikkei index [Japan]; the Financial Times index, the FTI [England], the over-the-counter index, NASDAQ index.

[person or firm trading securities] broker, stockbroker, jobber, stock dealer, odd-lot dealer; specialist.

[person who buys or sells stocks] investor, speculator, operator; bull, buyer; bear, short seller; scalper, arbitrager, arbitrageur; stockholder, share-holder, stockholder of record; bond holder, coupon-clipper [derogatory].

investment; speculation.

VERB. speculate, invest, trade, trade stocks, play the market; buy long, sell short, take a position, straddle; take a plunge, plunge in, take a flier [coll.].

See also Adam Smith ‘Of Stock Lent At Interest’ in Phrases for Lending.

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