805. Credit.

805. Credit.NOUN. credit, trust, tick, score, tally, account.

letter of credit, circular note; duplicate; mortgage, lien, debenture, paper credit, floating capital; draft, securities.

creditor, lender, lessor, mortgagee; dun; usurer.

credit account, line of credit, open line of credit.

credit card.

VERB. keep an account with, run up an account with; entrust, credit, accredit.

place to one’s credit, credit to one’s account, place to one’s account; give credit, take credit; fly a kite.

ADJ. crediting, credited; accredited.

ADV. on credit &c. n.; on account; to the account of, to the credit of.

“Public credit means the contracting of debts which a nation never can pay.” {William Corbett—Advice to Young Men.}.

“That canker at the heart of national prosperity, the imaginary riches of paper credit.” {Thomas Love Peacock—Melincourt. Ch. 26.}.

“Blest paper-credit! last and best supply! / That lends corruption lighter wings to fly!” {Alexander Pope—Moral Essays. Epistle II. To a Lady.}.

“Who quick be to borrow, and slow be to pay, / Their credit is naught, go they never so gay.” {Thomas Tusser—January’s Abstract.}.

“He touched the dead corpse of Public Credit and it sprung upon its feet.” {Daniel Webster—On Hamilton. (March 10, 1831). }.

“Creditors are a superstitious set, great observers of set days and times.” {Benjamin Franklin—Maxims of Poor Richard. (1735). }.

“Poverty is no crime and no credit.” {Proverb}.

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