901. Irascibility.

901. Irascibility.NOUN. irascibility, temper; crossness &c. adj.; susceptibility, procacity, petulance, irritability, tartness, acerbity, protervity; pugnacity &c. (contentiousness) 720.

excitability &c. 825; bad temper, fiery temper, crooked temper, irritable &c. adj. temper; genus irritabile [Lat.], hot blood.

ill humour &c. (sullenness) 901a; asperity &c., churlishness &c. (discourtesy) 895.

huff &c. (resentment) 900; a word and a blow.

Sir Fretful Plagiary; brabbler, Tartar; shrew, vixen, virago, termagant, dragon, scold, Xanthippe; porcupine; spit-fire; fire eater &c. (blusterer) 887; fury &c. (violent person) 173.

VERB. be irascible &c. adj.; have a temper &c. n., have a devil in one; fire up &c. (be angry) 900.

ADJ. irascible; bad-tempered, ill-tempered; irritable, susceptible; excitable &c. 825; thin-skinned &c. (sensitive) 822; fretful, fidgety; on the fret.

hasty, over-hasty, quick, warm, hot, testy, touchy, techy, tetchy; like touchwood, like tinder; huffy; pettish, petulant; waspish, snappish, peppery, fiery, passionate, choleric, shrewish, “sudden and quick in quarrel” {Shakespeare—As You Like It. See full context in Phrases for The Drama }.

querulous, captious, moody, moodish; quarrelsome, contentious, disputatious; pugnacious &c. (bellicose) 720; cantankerous, exceptious; restiff, restive &c. (perverse) 901a; churlish &c. (discourteous) 895.

cross, cross as crabs, cross as two sticks, cross as a cat, cross as a dog, cross as the tongs; like a bear with a sore head; fractious, peevish, acariâtre [Fr.].

in a bad temper; sulky &c. 901a; angry &c. 900.

resentful, resentive; vindictive &c. 919.

INT. pish!

PHR. À vieux comptes, nouvelles disputes. [Fr.] {Proverb“From old accounts come new disputes.” }.

Quamvis tegatur proditur vultu furor. [Lat.] {Seneca—Hippolytus. CCCLXIII. “Anger, though concealed, is betrayed by the countenance.” }.

Arcanum neque tu scrutaberis ullius unquam; / Commissumque teges, et vino tortus et irâ. [Lat.] {Horace—Epistolæ. Bk. I. xviii. 37. “Never inquire into another man’s secret; but conceal that which is entrusted to you, though pressed both by wine and anger to reveal it.” or “Avoid all prying: what you’re told, keep back, / Though wine and anger put you on the rack.” (Conington). }.

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