965. Jurisdiction.

965. Jurisdiction. [Executive.] – NOUN. jurisdiction, judicature, administration of justice, soc; executive, commission of the peace; magistracy &c. (authority) 737.

judge &c. 967; tribunal &c. 966; municipality, corporation, bailiwick, shrievalty [Brit]; lord lieutenant, sheriff, shire reeve, shrieve, constable; selectman; police, police force, the fuzz [sarcastic]; constabulary, bumbledom, gendarmerie [Fr.].

officer, bailiff, tipstaff, bum-bailiff, catchpoll, beadle; policeman, cop [coll.], police constable, police sergeant; sbirro, alguazil, gendarme, kavass, lictor, mace bearer, huissier [Fr.], bedel; tithingman.

press gang; exciseman, gauger, gager, customhouse officer, douanier [Fr.].

coroner, edile, aedile, portreeve, paritor; posse comitatus [Lat.].

bureau, cutcherry, department, secretariat.

[extension of jurisdiction] long arm of the law, extradition.

VERB. judge, sit in judgment; extradite.

ADJ. executive, administrative, municipal; inquisitorial, causidical; judicatory, judiciary, judicial; juridical.

ADV. coram judice [Lat.].

PHR. L’amour de la justice n’est, en la plus part des hommes, que la crainte de souffrir l’injustice. [Fr.] {La Rochefoucauld—Maximes. 78. p. 14. “The love of justice in the majority of mankind, is nothing else than the dread of suffering injustice from others.” }.

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